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Building upon the groundwork set out in Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley, Cthulhu Deep Green contains a modified rules set for playing as Agents of The Conspiracy: a shadowy government agency tasked with concealing evidence of the supernatural.

This 40 page PDF contains all the rules you need to play,  Handler’s advice for running your own scenarios, and tables to help inspire play. Playable with three to six players with sessions lasting two to four hours.

Also included: Food of the Gods, a 16 page example operation designed to help you kick off your own conspiracy. 

With a focus on quick setup and improvisational campaign play, the rules of Cthulhu Deep Green are designed to focus the human element while keeping the action tense and dramatic.

What will your agent give up to protect the public from terrors beyond sense or reason?

Pick up your phone and report in.

Author's Notes: 

This material has a general content warning for depictions and allusions to violence and psychological manipulation.

Feel free to download the rules preview before purchase.

Unlike similar games, CDG steps away from references to sanity and insanity but it does deal with stress related disfunction and issues of work-life balance.

I reserve the right to update these files periodically with new material.  Follow this account for updates.

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Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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