CDG is now available in Print

Cthulhu Deep Green is now in print via DriveThru.

You can get a copy of the game, and a complimentary PDF, at the link below!

It was a long process to get this book just right. CDG was a major testing ground for my ability to produce PoD content. I'm really happy with how this version turned out.

For those of you who have already bought a copy of the CDG PDF here on itchio, I thank you. Especially those who have provided feedback on the game. I promise that there will be more free content made available to you in the future as it's released. For reference, I'm already twenty plus pages in to finishing The Linear Men and it's going to be something special.

Thank you again, this is an exciting moment for me and it wouldn't be possible without you.

Stay safe out there!

-Justin F.


CDG - Rules Preview.pdf 1 MB
Mar 03, 2020
CDG PDF.pdf 53 MB
Apr 07, 2020
CDG Spread.pdf 66 MB
Apr 07, 2020


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oh man... is the cover of the PoD version the one on DTRPG or the one that you have here that looks like a Shin Megami Tensei illustration, cause if it's the second one, it's gorgeous and I'd go to get an extra copy of the printed book :)

Hah, alas it’s the one on DriveThru but I’ll take that suggestion to heart for any alt-cover runs ;)