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In Olympia, someone has opened a door.

Now the Outside comes screaming in in this original scenario for Cthulhu Deep Green and Trophy Dark.

Guide your Agents to victory as they infiltrate Olympia’s underground music scene in search of three missing teens.

Then continue the fight in dream as Treasure Hunters on a quest for the Rebel Crown.

The Linear Men is a scenario in two acts. Designed for both CDG and Trophy Dark, it also contains rules and guidance on how to run incursions and investigations in either system.


Author's Notes

This material has a general content warning for depictions and allusions to violence and psychological manipulation.

Unlike similar games, CDG steps away from references to sanity and insanity but it does deal with stress related dysfunction and issues of work-life balance.

I reserve the right to update these files periodically with new material. Follow my account for updates.


Community Copies

Each full price copy of The Linear Men adds a community copy to the base game (CDG). Each copy at $15 gets you your own copy of CDG and adds two community copies! If the game is currently discounted, add a tip up to the full price to gift a copy to someone else!

Printed Copies

Printed copies of Cthulhu Deep Green and The Linear Men are available on demand via DriveThruRPG.com

Cthulhu Deep Green by Justin FordTrophy Dark by Jesse Ross

At $15 buyers also gain access to a discounted copy of Cthulhu Deep Green. Core systems available separately at the links, above.

Trophy is created by Jesse Ross and not affiliated with Moth-Lands or The Linear Men.

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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finally!!! Looks amazing