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The Long Stair

What caused the apocalypse?

Few seems to agree. What we do know is that the old world fell away and all that was and all that will be now exists solely upon the Long Stair.

TLS challenges players to explore an uncertain past, present, and future. Who are you? Why did the world end? And why were you, alone, spared? Experience The Long Stair if you'd like to build a complex character from scratch, collaborate in a collective ritual, or simply explore a world inspired by your favorite full-art tarot deck.

Shall we proceed?


TLS - The Book (beta)

Inspired by Dixit, Swords Without Master, and the rituals of the Tarot itself, TLS follows 1 or more players on a surreal journey into The Long Stair, a metaphysical space connecting many worlds, each of which have come to a literal or metaphorical end. Ultimately, players will embody a Wanderer tasked with navigating this strange new space and discovering more about themselves.

While this project is in a playable state, it's not yet complete. Features I intend to add include ...

  • An easy to understand reference sheet to help players easily transition between rituals.
  • More in-depth examples of play.
  • Further guidance on interpretation.
  • Refinement and clarification of the rules, as written.


TLS - 200 Word Version

A few years ago I created a 200 word version of TLS for the 200 word rpg project: https://200wordrpg.github.io/

The Long Stair

Our world has ended.
To repair the disparate strands, gather:
]__  A special Token.
     ]__  An illustrated Tarot Deck.
          ]__  And three Perspectives.

Each Perspective claims an aspect of The Wanderer:
Past (Before the End) / Present (In the Wasteland) / Future (Upon The Long Stair)
As we rediscover: Our Origins / Our Self / Ourselves.

Prepare the cards.
Major Arcana embody the Obstacles in our path.
Minor Arcana are the People / Places / Things that spur us on.
Separate and shuffle the two decks.
Each Perspective draws an Obstacle. Place it face up in a staggered row, like steps.
The first of three Flights.

Each poses a question.
]__  How did the world end?
     ]__  Who have we become?
          ]__  What might we hold on to?
These are but examples. Let them inspire you.
Art / Text / Subtext
Claim the Token to set a scene exploring your Obstacle.

When the time is right, turn a Minor Arcana face up. Give it life.
Accept it to Bridge Past to Present to Future to ...
Pass or claim the Token to explore another Perspective.
Become an advocate for their Obstacle. Become a force for growth.

Paint The Wanderer in three voices.
]__  Bridge the cards.
     ]__  Draw the next Flight.
          ]__  Discover yourself.

Then fade to black.


About This Game

The Long Stair is an idea that's bounced around in my head for some time.

It's gone through several iterations and a multi-page version has even seen playtesting in various TRPG circles but I've never been quite satisfied with the project.

This is the first step by me to reclaim this idea and turn it into something bigger.

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GenreRole Playing
Tags200-word-rpg, story-game, Surreal, Tarot, three-players


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This is one of the most mystical games i've ever seen and I love it!