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A New Resource for Designers and Fans Using Affinity Publisher

Blades Affinity Templates is a series of files meant to guide designers, GMs, and fans of Blades in the Dark in crafting their own iconic playbooks and crews.  Contained within are a series of documents and files with easy to use elements as well as helpful tips and examples.

For those using Indesign or similar software, check out this template by MKUDN.

For an example of a finished playbook using this layout and method, see the Sleuth.

These files use assets from Blades in the Dark, by John Harper. Moth-Lands is not associated with John or Evil Hat in any way shape or form. Please do not place any of these assets up for sale anywhere without their express permission.

Fonts Used


Alegreya SC


Linux Libertine

Minion Pro


Wingdings 2

IM Fell English Pro


UPDATE - Band of Blades Templates!

I've included templates for Band of Blades by Off Guard Games. The same stipulations apply as above. When opening these files, check to make sure you have all the proper fonts!


I talk about designing The Sleuth, and other playbooks, in the inaugural episode of Hacked in the Dark. Check it out at the link, below.

Episode 1: The Sleuth with Justin Ford



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Blades Character Sheet Template.aftemplate 165 kB
Blades Example Character Sheet.pdf 413 kB
Blades Crew Template PDF.pdf 276 kB
Blades Crew Sheet Template.aftemplate 152 kB
Bladesify Photos Tutorial Template.aftemplate 16 MB
Bladesify Photos Tutorial PDF.pdf 9 MB
Band of Blades Character Sheet Template.pdf 6 MB
Band of Blades Sheet Template.aftemplate 4 MB
Band of Blades Playbook Template.pdf 523 kB
Blades Crewbook Template.aftemplate 1 MB
Blades Playbook Template.aftemplate 1 MB
Blades Crewbook Template PDF.pdf 3 MB
Blades Example Template PDF.pdf 1 MB
Band of Blades Playbook Template.aftemplate 617 kB

Development log


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Thank you for sharing those!

You have also crafted several wonderful scores: https://acoupleofdrakes.itch.io/hour-of-smoke

Could you also share the template you used for crafting those scores, pretty please? 🙏

This actually isn’t me! Though I’m friendly with the Drakes and am sure they would be happy to share.

Oh sorry!

I mixed up itch.io creators that publish quality content for BitD 😇

I'll ask them, thank you.

(1 edit)

What software can I use to access these files?


These files utilize Affinity Publisher!

Hi thank you for this template ! Can I use the "Band of Blades playbook template" layout for my own ttrpg ? :D


So I wouldn't recommend using the assets in anything you're going to sell, as some of them are ripped straight from the book! That said, with some replacement of fonts and visual assets, these templates area  great place to start in terms of layout.

These are awesome, thanks so much! Any chance of getting templates for neighborhoods, factions, and/or random tables (streets/buildings/people/etc) for those of us building setting-hacks?

interesting idea! I’ll look into it!

Very helpful for other designers. Thanks a lot for making them!

so useful. just great!

These were so so useful. Thank you for providing them!

Would it be possible to get these templates in Scribus format?

Alas I’ve never once used Scribus myself but I know someone would find that useful. I’ll ask around.

oh goodness someone JUST posted a link to this in their entry.


Hahaha, they are a scholar, a brick, and other such british type words for good folks. :)